Operationalizing ESG

Capacity building, strategic reviews and data gathering provide a foundational basis for achieving strategic goals.

Knowledge Sharing

The need to communicate and to share information regarding the technical and management aspects of ESG practices continues to grow in importance, as organizations build new partnerships and seek to implement cost-effective, integrated programs that clearly add value to the organization.

Our knowledge transfer training services are focused on facilitated, shared learning to build upon past successes and to develop best practices; and structured to accommodate different types of operations, diverse organizational philosophies, and varied regulatory frameworks around the globe. 

Our training programs are known and recognized for their hands-on, creative approaches to learning. A few of the techniques we have used successfully in the past include:

  • Powerful short practicums that outline a real environmental scenario and require participants to develop solutions by applying the information conveyed during the training session.
  • Small-group exercises that require the participants to analyze the situation and develop an approach to managing the environmental innovation task or resolving a problem.
  • Exercises designed to enact a situation that could occur during the day-to-day implementation of environmental responsibilities, which requires participants to act on and/or try out new or improved techniques.

The range of knowledge sharing transfer outcomes includes but are not limited to: developing abilities to analyze and interpret data for policy making purposes; maintaining best practices and up-to-date technical knowledge through participation in industry and professional meetings and learning from experts; leveraging knowledge to coach others and to identify alternative strategies; understanding the business case associated ESG.

Our courses have been delivered in classroom, webinar, and online formats. In many instances, Information obtained through this service can be used immediately.

Strategic Reviews and Data Gathering

Increasingly, stakeholders are also asking executives to comment not only on risk management, but also on the role of the business’ environmental and social stewardship. They want to know how companies are managing and governing their social and environmental obligations. For example, in-depth reviews can cover a single issue or an overall approach:

  • Are the roles and responsibilities for ESG clear at each level of the organization and are these responsibilities considered in performance reviews?
  • Does the organization actively engage with stakeholders, thought leaders, employees, and community groups etc., in open dialogue to share information and obtain feedback?
  • Does the organization have a process in place for identifying and analyzing emerging environmental and social issues with potential business impacts?
  • Are there any “Unwritten Rules “which create unintended side effects that adversely impact ESG performance outcomes?
  • Has the organization gathered peer ESG benchmarking data to determine if there is a need to make changes to internal practices?
  • Are there any ESG trends to support new business opportunities?

Using these data gathered organizations can assess performance and gauge whether opportunities exist to enhance their governance framework to better align initiatives with business, environmental, and social goals.

Case Studies

Our integrity and commitment to quality have enabled us to undertake complex non- routine challenges. We integrate our ESG excellence with management insights to help clients refine strategies to achieve lasting results. Learn more about some of the projects, Obbagy Consulting has worked on:

Facilitated Workshops focused on Community Outreach

Prepared Environmental Sensitivity Analysis for Energy Sector

Conducted Sustainability Survey for Mining Industry

Leveraged ESG to Support Strategic Business Directions

Chaired Oil and Gas Sustainability Forum

Facilitated Workshops focused on Community Outreach

Guided Business for Sustainable Success

Lead Nonprofit Organizations