ESG Scan

An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Scan is for organizations seeking to scale the learning curve quickly.

Topics reviewed include strategies to address carbon emissions and water use, supplier reviews, diversity and inclusion programs, employee  retention and socially responsible exchanges, and much more.

Cost effective and timely, this service highlights how your practices figure into operational plans, support social good activities, align with risk mitigation strategies, and includes innovative yet pragmatic suggestions for enhancing performance.

Why Choose the ESG Scan?

  • Efficiently Conducted and Cost Effective
  • Summary of ESG Practices
  • Information to Engage with Stakeholders
  • Pragmatic Recommendations
  • Internal Information Tool

Throughout the assessment process Obbagy Consulting’s approach is to keep the client organization informed to ensure the ESG Scan diagnostic results are accepted, and the preliminary recommendations are realistic and actionable. Sometimes our recommendations are simply to better articulate the connections to program activities so that management and stakeholders understand. Alternatively, the recommendation might be to consider reallocating some resources to higher risk ES activities.

Some clients also want to have an overall opinion as to the status of ESG activities to use as a tool to communicate with stakeholders or Boards of Directors.

Obbagy Consulting offers three opinions as follows:

  • High Return: ESG activities are aligned with the business activities and are providing benefits to the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Moderate Return: Some optimization is needed to better align the ESG function with the business to yield greater benefits to the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Variable Return: ESG requires greater alignment with the organization’s risk profile and internal policies to deliver benefits to the business and its stakeholders.

Case Studies

Our integrity and commitment to quality have enabled us to undertake complex non- routine challenges. We integrate our ESG excellence with management insights to help clients refine strategies to achieve lasting results. Learn more about some of the projects, Obbagy Consulting has worked on:

Evaluated ESG Practices to Support Growth Opportunities

Conducted Environmental and Social Risk Assessment

Reviewed and Assessed Proposals to Communicate Air Quality Data

Assessed ESG Practices to Optimize Internal Resources