• Case Studies for ESG Scan

    Conducted an assessment of power company’s environmental, social, and governance practices to determine whether they were aligned with industry best practices and the changing needs of the company as it continued to grow. We found several opportunities to increase the linkage among operating departments and field staff to increase efficiency, performance, and internal communications.

    Conducted Environmental and Social Risk Assessment

    Directed an environmental and social assessment associated with the construction of power lines outside the United States, including the preparation of compensation costs related to resettlement issues. Overall, the social benefits were significant and the environmental impacts could be easily addressed with selected mitigation measures.

    Reviewed and Assessed Proposals to Communicate Air Quality Data

    Reviewed and assessed the innovative and purposeful design of 32 proposals to communicate air quality data to residents affected by air emissions. The overall intent was to increase the transparency of communications with local stakeholders.

    Assessed ESG Practices to Optimize Internal Resources

    Reviewed a company’s environmental and social governance processes to optimize staffing levels and improve overall performance. The results were shared throughout the organization and with executive management.

  • Case Studies for Operationalizing ESG

    Directed a study for a global manufacturer to help establish a strategy for reviewing and analyzing greenhouse gas policies and their impact on business opportunities. The study examined global and regional energy trends, changes in energy use, and carbon dioxide emissions relative to industry sectors. The information was included in the company’s strategic business plans.

    Prepared Environmental Sensitivity Analysis for Energy Sector

    Assisted a client in the energy sector develop an overall approach for ranking the environmental sensitivities of undeveloped fossil fuel basins. This work involved extensive examination of existing information and the assessment of key issues impacting exploration and production activities, upstream operations, and the environmental implications associated with the development of nonconventional sources of fossil fuels.

    Conducted Sustainability Survey for Mining Industry

    Prepared a report for the mining industry to evaluate whether industry associations were organized and focused in such a manner to assist the mining industry implement sustainability programs. The study involved interviews with representatives from global mining companies and review of industry association data. The report was widely reviewed by executive management and considered into future business decisions.

    Chaired Oil and Gas Sustainability Forum

    Chaired and presented at a two-day conference for professionals within the oil & gas and utility industry sectors. The conference focused on social assessments and interacting with community representatives and groups.

    Facilitated Workshops focused on Community Outreach

    Designed and facilitated a series of conferences for senior-level executives representing various mining and exploration operations around the world to introduce them to a policy for outreach with local communities.

    Guided Business for Sustainable Success

    Providing general business, marketing, and sustainability mentoring to a start-up operation focused on energy efficiency for vessels. Work involved reviewing proposals, presentations, and assisting in providing feedback for pitch competition. In addition, served as a judge for three start- ups pitch presentations.

    Lead Nonprofit Organizations

    Served as an Executive Director for two nonprofit organizations. Leadership responsibilities included financial, staff and contract management, outreach to stakeholders, with reporting to Boards of Directors. This work also included preparing documents for state submission, external financial audits, and project management.